Work With Me

Hey! Thanks for your interest in working together. Here are some things you should know before reaching out so we can make this work for both of us.

Game Reviews

Have a game you’d like me to try out and give a review of? Awesome! Be sure to check out my past reviews to see what type of content you’ll get.

What board games do I like to review? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 2-player games are at the top of my list. This isn’t necessarily 2-player only games, but since it’s just me and my wife 99% of the time, I’d love it if it can be played with only 2 players.
  • Medium to heavy games are preferred. Games with chaining mechanisms, abstract strategy and in-depth world-building are my jam.
  • As for what types of games I love, here are a few of them in no particular order: Terraforming Mars, Stone Age, A Feast For Odin, Explorers Of The North Sea, Imperial Settlers: Empires Of The North

If you want to get in touch, please send a note to gayminggirls[at]gmail[dot]com <– yes, that’s so bots aren’t randomly spamming me.